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How to learn about essential oils is easier than you think.

The answers you need when looking for solutions to an everyday health concerns is attainable. Remember, Young Living essential oils are pure and free of synthetics so their potency is powerful and doing your research is highly recommended.

There are lots of resources but today we want to tell you about a few key ones.

Oils, learning, safety tips and more overview

Each search you take be sure to address the users medical conditions, age, sensitivities.  Topically you can always start with some base oil like coconut oil to diffuse the oil.  Many use this with children. Check out Young Living’s safety guidelines and, if you are pregnant, have a young child, pet….check out different books and searches on these topics.  For example the book “Gentle Baby” is a great book for new parents using oils and the Essential Oil Pet Reference is great for those who work with pets!!! 


Tools & Resource Standbys

First of all, the Essential Oil Pocket Reference Guide.  


This smaller version of the Desk Reference is perfect to have in your home.  

You can simply look up “Poison Ivy” and it will tell you what Young Living oils and

products you can use.  For most people having this reference is a must.  The link to the company that sells it is below and the cost is around $19.99 plus s/h.

There is also a second supplier of a similarbook that is only $15.95 + s/h.  It doesn’t have as many details but is slightly cheaper. That is at:

Next, it is good to learn how to do a Google search for answers. There are many holistic practitioners who have fabulous blogs on Young Living oils.  Some will be very specific–for example entire blogs on the use of oils with your pets.  To do a search, go to the Google browser and type in

“Young Living + ________________”.  Fill in the blank with what you want to find.  For example, “Young Living + seasonal allergies.”


Another search engine is called that ties directly to Young Living testimonials, tips, blogs, etc.

Last but NOT LEAST is Safety!!!!

Here is a great link to Essential Oil Safety…

Young Living’s overview page link here…

or a good book with lots of information —  Essential Oils and Safety

oil safety book


Although this takes some time you will begin to learn more and more about oils. I recommend to read thru several and be conscious of your medical conditions and history as these oils are potent in their purist form.

Thanks, Lara


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