The YL Difference

The Young Living Difference
the young living difference

Don’t be deceived by fancy labels on other essential oil bottles, none compare to the integrity of the Young Living brand. Here’s what sets them apart: 

  • Many essential oils found in stores or online today are diluted to concentrations as low as 10% purity, threatening the potency and effectiveness of their natural healing properties. Young Living oils are 100% pure and extremely concentrated. Their labels are accurate. It takes 28 peppermint tea bags to equal 1 drop of Young Living peppermint oil!
  • Young Living Oils are produced sustainably in 7 continents with a signature 5-step ♥ Seed to Seal Process. They own and co-op all of their growing farms.
  • Young Living is globally recognized and respected – The Country of Omen gave 400 acres of land to Young Living to start a farm to distill Frankincense oil.
      1. Young Living invites you to their farms to engage in a harvest. This way you can see first hand the care and reliability of Young Living’s oils & product line. Meet with some of team members who have had first hand experience on the farms and the full disclosure and sincerity from the company.
      2. Young Living ♥ partners with experts.
      3. Young Living ♥ gives back.

    Young Living promotes United Peace and Abundance.


  • Word of Caution: Receiving Young Living products straight from Young Living distributors is the safest way to receive your essential oils. This way you can be assured no oils are adulterated in some way and recapped (which is very easy!) and sold with the Young Living name. Our Perfective’s team is built on integrity and some of our team members have Young Living approved Retail accounts. We cannot account for others who sell in an unauthorized way. It is against Young Living policy to sell individual Young Living product online or without an official Retail business approved agreement. Many are doing this unethically and altering the product to make a dollar off of the impeccable name of Young Living.

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