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How to Order Young Living Products
how to order with perfectives

Benefits of Becoming a Perfective’s Team Member!

  • The Perfective’s team has a direct relationships to Young Living leadership, has been to their farms, has a versatility a different modalities they offer from raindrop, aestheticians, massage, biofeedback, pet care, physical fitness, personal coaching and more.
  • Thru our community log in page you can have access to new and exciting opportunities exclusive to our team. This special access also offers educational tools for our distributors.
  • Our team is directly connected to the World Peace Caravan.

Order as a 1. Retail Member; 2. Wholesale Member; or 3. Wholesale Distributor:

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1. Order as a Retail Member (Good)

Retail members don’t receive the great discounts of becoming a wholesale member but still get the benefits of using the most authentic essential oil products on the market. Order straight from the Young Living catalog and remember to reference the Perfectives distributor who referred you by placing their number in enroller and sponsor.

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2. Order as a Wholesale Member (Better)

Becoming a wholesale member means getting 24% off all retail prices. The wholesale option requires an initial purchase of a starter kit (link to young living starter kits), which includes an amazing combination of essential Young Living products. Anything purchased after the initial starter kit is also 24% off, and as long as you spend 50PV (approx: $50) each year, your wholesale discount will be automatically renewed. No annual sign up fees!

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3. Wholesale Essential Rewards Program (Best)

Wholesale members can also choose to opt into the Essential Rewards Program at no cost and still retain the 24% discount on all orders. Essential rewards is best for members who plan to use the product regularly. Essential Rewards allows you to earn points toward free products and receive discounted shipping in addition to a monthly package of your favorite Young Living Products.

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4. Wholesale Essential Rewards with Compensation

Join the Perfective’s Team of Young Living Independent Distributors and share the wealth! Young Living has created an amazing program where you can be compensated for sharing the products you love! When you experience the amazing benefits of Young Living essential oils first hand AND you can earn financial compensation for sharing nature’s wellness, it’s a no brainer! Whether you simply want to share enough to balance your monthly order charges or create an income by sharing your favorite oils and lifestyle products, the wholesale essential rewards with compensation is easy and worthwhile!

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