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Pep in your step with Peppermint Oil

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Two weeks later and Brittney’s acid reflux medication was in the trash.  The difference in her diet?  Young Living Peppermint Oil. Two drops diluted in water morning in night has been her new, healthy routine. The versatility of this oil is so amazing it is why it is along side Lavender oil in the Young Living Wholesale starter kit.  The trick is learning it’s uses and exploring the benefits.  The use of this oil dates back to ancient Greece where the oils were used for digestive ailments, sinus and tension headaches and muscle aches and respiratory relief. Research has recognized

Oregano oil helps combat flu and fungus

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Oregano Oil has been in the news this winter season for it’s benefits in combating the flu. Recently, Fox New’s website promoted the use of grade A essential oregano oil as one natural way to prevent the flu this winter. As with any pure oil the benefits are exhausting. Young Living’s oregano oil is steamed distilled and contains the active antiviral, antibacterial Carvacrol. I have been using my Young Living Oregano Oil and Thieves Oil over the past few months and have traveled extensively, experienced a weekend blizzard of no power and fatigued nights of 42 degree sleeping, have been