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Learn about Alka!

Passionate Humanitarian & Natural Health Activist
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Dear All,

A warm Hello, Salaam, Hola and Namaste to all my earthly fellow beings. I’m Alka Naithani, born and raised in India, educated in the USA and later started my family in Ecuador.…

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Purification – Mold, Bug Bites, Bug Repellent & much more!

purification      THE Purification SCOOP!

Purification® is a powerful Young Living blend of essential oils that has severel uses.

It can be used directly on the skin to cleanse and soothe insect bites, cuts, and scrapes.

Some people mix 3 or 4 drops of purification and 1 drop of Peppermint into a small spray bottle with witch hazel and use it as bug repellent.…

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Help! My immune system is under attack!

I’m a witness of corporate colds but I am not a victim.  Two years now I can honestly say I have been sick free while surrounded by bacteria and germs that have literally surrounded me.  Have they tried to creep in and did I start to feel the sudden start of “something.”…

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Give Things Personally…

This weekend’s yoga jaunt touched upon one of my favorite reads; “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.  One of the fabulous four lessons is to not take things personally.  It’s simple; makes a heck of a lot of sense.  There is absolutely nothing to gain from taking things personally.  …

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Something to Ponder by George Carlin

The below is the brilliance of George Carlin.  George Carlin’s wife died early in 2008 and George followed her, dying in July 2008. It is ironic George Carlin – comedian of the 70’s and 80’s – could write something so very eloquent and so very appropriate.

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Pep in your step with Peppermint Oil

imagesTwo weeks later and Brittney’s acid reflux medication was in the trash.  The difference in her diet?  Young Living Peppermint Oil. Two drops diluted in water morning in night has been her new, healthy routine.

The versatility of this oil is so amazing it is why it is along side Lavender oil in the Young Living Wholesale starter kit.  …

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Legs up against a Wall

Legs up against the Wall (viparita karina) – This pose takes restorative to a whole new level.  Get comfortable. Yes. Read this and then; technology off. Get into position. Close your eyes and if you tend to peak, cover them.  Time to meditate.  …

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Oregano oil helps combat flu and fungus

imageOregano Oil has been in the news this winter season for it’s benefits in combating the flu. Recently, Fox New’s website promoted the use of grade A essential oregano oil as one natural way to prevent the flu this winter. As with any pure oil the benefits are exhausting.…

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Young Living Introduction

When I was first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils I had no idea the journey I’d be taking. I love introducing people to holistic alternatives.  As I sit here writing I smell the essential oil M-Grain oil wafting in the background as my husband remedies a headache. …

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image[7]Visualization has been an important tool to success for me. Maybe it comes from my acting background or my vivid imagination that doesn’t sit still. Regardless, I have learned that visualizing how I want to feel, look and behave is a great success tool…

Fake it till you make it.…

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