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Please do not distribute beyond those in attendance…

This is sharing and not considered prescribing, diagnosing, etc.…

  1. Hydrate
    1. 1/2 ounce of pound per body weight…. amount needed of water…. Largest percentage of your body – water we are between 65 – 70% water. Minimum 60 ounces of water a day – equal to 2.5 NINGXIA RED glass bottles a day…
    2. Skin – want to look like a grape or a dehydrated raisin!!
      • How can you be drinking but still dehydrated – your NOT absorbing it!!!
      • FYI – we are absorbing so many plastics, air body, film on our body….
      • FYI – grapefruit cellulite and spearmint – metabolizer…
    3. What affects hydration
      1. Activity level – sweating – more water…. another 8 ounces for every hour of medium activity…
      2. Air conditioning is de-hydrating…
      3. Heat – 35-40 days without food but need 7 days for water….
      4. Caffeine – for every ounce for caffeine need one ounce of water to balance out (plus highly acidic
  1. Alkalize
    1. Your body has a certain PH level
      1. Skin 5.5
      2. Stomach – 2.5
      3. Blood – 7.2
    2. Acidity – inflammation and osteoporosis
    3. FYI Movie mentioned on Cancer Research – quest for the cure!!!! Dr. Mercola…
    4. Oxidation is acidity – RUST!!! = What happens when we get aches and pains…
    5. To alkaline the body – largely to what we eat – and stress causes acidity!
    6. From eating 5 things your impact
        • SUGAR (quest for the cure about Cancer)
        • Processed Foods – 95% American eat processed food – EAT REAL FOOD – you avoid the artificial ingredients – 10,000 chemicals that labeled GRAS – penetrating a loophole never to be tested for safety…AVOID CHEMICALS and EXPOSURE to untested to chemicals where we are Guinea pigs 🙁  – the labels don’t EVEN have to put them on the label because they are GRAS (generally regarded as safe)
        • All dairy (all cheeses are acidic)  — all yogurt has sugar in it 🙁    – eggs not alkalizing..
        • MEAT – all meat…. – body has to break it down…
        • Caffeinated beverages

        75% of meal should be at meal for alkalizing….Europe has sometimes vegetable soup before dinner….

    7. Google alkalizing food – Website (but pull out the dairy) ——
    8. YL Product – ALKALIME (plus citrus oils help to alkaline)
  1. Mineralize
    1. Electrical current in our body – you are electric…
    2. 95% of food not coming from the ground so you are not getting minerals (from dirt!!!)
    3. Light needs conductor to light (electricity)  – needs a circuit – water in glass…. water has no minerals!!! Why? We depleted our US soil of minerals… We need to get elsewhere.
    4. Have any of you ever drank water but it goes right thru you (constant urinating?) Body is not absorbing the water – it literally can’t hydrate without the minerals…
    5. FYI – US water system is showing high level of drugs
    6. YL Product – MINERAL ESSENSE
  2. Nourish
    1. Eat real food – fruits and vegetables and nuts in every meal…
      1. FYI – gluten is not the problem – PROCESSED food is the problem…. Monsanto has a class action lawsuit – Round Up in the plant – bug repellant — impact of Round Up on our health —— that’s there is leaky gut in USA.
      2. GMO – soy, corn, wheat….etc.….NOT REAL FOOD
      3. FYI – Surgery – be vegetarian post surgery – SULFURZYME and DETOXZYME
      4. Eat antioxidants – Berries are good –
        1. YL -1 serving of NINGXIA RED is 100,000….CLOVE ESSENTIAL OIL is 1,000,000,078  on the ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorb Capacity )
          1. Body breakdown – more damage to your body exercise too..
          2. No matter how good you are you will have oxidation…
        2. OMEGAs – need Omega 3 (fish, avocados, coconut oil (tablespoon a night)
          1. Coconut oil (heated)
          2. Olive and avocado oil – cold only (do not eat)
          3. If you eat out you will eat omega 6 🙁
          4. Trans fats the problem cause inflammation (fats are not the problem)
          5. YL Product – OMEGAGIZE – carries omegas to brain (CO-Q10)  – focus on your brain health over the age of 40 – concerns with Alzheimer’s….
  1. Cleanse – Separate workshops on this topic….



  1. shot glass of water – (free J)
  2. 3 squirts of MINERAL ESSENSE – ($28.75 5 squirts is 24 servings so you could stretch out to two months worth if you put in 2 squirts) – $14.38 per month
  3. 1 scoop MEGACAL (calcium / magnesium (heart beat regulation) ($39.75 – 90 servings; 3 months) – $13.25 per month
  4. 1 scoop ALKALIME (alkaline J) ($35.75 45 servings 1.5 months) – @$20 per month
  5. 1 2 ounces of NINGXIA RED ($71 for two bottles or $84.50 for 30 pack – roughly 1 month servings)

TOTAL – $118.63 a month

OPTIONAL FLAVOR/Benefits but you can use what you have for now (i.e. citrus blend or other favorites in your water…

  1. 3 drops of SLIQUE ESSENSE 15ml (regulate blood sugar) $26.00 or
  2. 3 drops of OCOTEA 5ml is good $36.50) or
  3. 4 drops CITRUS FRESH 15 ml $15.25)
  4. 4 drops of ORANGE 15ml ($10.75) or TANGERINE 15 ml ($16.00)
  5. Set it up night before and chill – 1/2 first thing in the morning….1/2 late morning

Recommend trying some or the entire above recipe.

Maybe try Ningxia Red or Alkaline and Mineral Essence only….Play and try for a 2-3 months to see how you feel….Do the best you can and look at diet and lifestyle. Can you make another step to Living Above the Line?

Thank you,


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Future Orders, Essential Rewards & Compensation

When you first signed up you went to and there was a country selection and then the next screen had in the upper right hand corner a “member sign up” button as well as a “sign in.” The .com site has lots of information but for an easy way to get to your account details and member resources and education I recommend going straight to  From there you go right to your member log in page.  Once signed in you are in now in your virtual office.  If you forget your log in just call Young Living at 800-371-3515.

Online Ordering:

You have purchased a starter kit and not sure how to navigate back to the site for more information or orders.

Well, look no further. Below is a quick “how to.” ENJOY!

How to become a Young Living Wholesale Member is easy & worth it.

There are a few starter kits that will offer you the 24% off discount.

You will need a starter kit to become a wholesale member. Once you get the starter kit you only need to spend 50PV within the 12 months to retain your wholesale status and keep the 24% off. This will be easy based on all the wonderful and magical benefits of essential oils and Young Living’s partnering products. You might even choose the monthly ordering program called Essential Rewards for even more perks, promotions, credits for free product and more.

Essential Rewards
Essential Monthly Rewards is yet another benefit Young Living offers it’s wholesale members. There are a few ways to start and there are some great tutorials that outline the perks.  

Here’s a quick outline of the added benefits:

1. Get up to 20% back in points to spend on free product
2. Qualify for special products and promotions
3. Receive special discounts on select product kits.
4. Be eligible for Essential Rewards only commissions (more details join business sharing partnership) (link to partnership section on site)
5. Enjoy reduced shipping rates.
6. Change your month to month order date and remember you can start anytime and stop anytime but be sure to redeem all the free products points if you ever decide to stop ER. 

Why join Essential Rewards?


Check out the below tutorials on Why (part 1),

How to sign you online for Essential Rewards (part 2)

Business Building and Compensation Plans (part 3).

compensation plan

Not ready to join Essential Rewards but want to place another order:  Just go to the order section on the left hand dashboard menu and place your order.  

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How to navigate Young Living’s member website

You have purchased a starter kit and not sure how to navigate back to the site for more information or orders. Well, look no further. Below is a quick “how to.” ENJOY!

Youtube Video Tutorial on Young Living website.  Click title to navigate to Youtube clip.



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