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Distributors under the Perfective’s Young Living line are welcome to use the logo for business sharing and advertising materials with the following agreement and understanding.

1. Active Young Living Distributor on Essential Rewards

2. Under the Perfective’s Line of Young Living.

3. Share with passion and under the strict policies of Young Living on do’s and don’ts of educating and testimonials.

4. Follow the Young Living policies and guidelines without waver.

5. Respect to those inquiring.  Please do not pressure, push or put money/status over the individual. Young Living’s products stand on their own.  Some people will join, others will not. Some people will share, others will not.  Please be attentive, caring and listen to the individual.  Be giving with your team and gratitude for what they provide you back.  Never impose but be available when possible to guide and support. Encourage independence and treat everyone the same no matter what the status or level.  For the Perfective’s team goals and objectives our encouraged but testimonials and relationships go beyond the title or ranking.

6. Do not share the logo with others.  Please encourage them to follow the process.

If you are interested in using the Perfectives logo email [email protected] confirming with the above or asking any questions.  If at anytime you decide to not participate in Perfective’s Team and Young Living please contact [email protected] immediately and stop using the Perfective’s logo.

Glad to have you part of the team!  It’s one I am proud of!

Lara Hakeem

Principal, Perfectives.

YL Distributor 1292832

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