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Essential Oils is the basis of Young Living and is the staple of Gary Young’s vision.

With this vision and over 20 years of service and product Young Living has created a lifestyle for it’s members.  We will  break down and share testimonials  of other product offerings but here is a list of complimentary healthy nuggets to add to your next order.

1. Essential Oils
2. Vitamins and Supplements
3. Personal Skincare
4. Oral Care
5. Cleaning products that many members use for dishes and laundry – only Young Living and Vinegar under our sinks!
6. Ningxia Red and Nitro –
7. More Food 
8. Learning and Business tools
9. Gift ideas
10. Diffusers and more
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SEED TO SEAL – How Young Living honors it’s purity.

Seed to Seal  is a whole site dedicated to outlining the purity of Young Living’s oils and product. 

Members of the Perfective’s team have had one on one time with Gary Young and Jared Turner and have up line members working directly with Gary as Director’s of Operation and Management for Harvests and trainings. We are honored to see their tireless efforts, determination and passion to assure every order that leaves Young Living’s farms are pure to their label.  Remember the FDA might allow companies to say 100% pure and be as little as 10% actual essential oil but Young Living takes pride and sacrifice to assure when they say 100% pure they are telling their customer the truth.  They protect their farms from pests using essential oils and build schools and communities in the 7 continents they have farms to give back to areas that have welcomed Young Living into their community.

Want to make some Young Living oil yourself?
You too can do what some of our team has done and go to a Harvest and make essential oils. See for yourself the integrity, community, knowledge, hard work and passion that goes into every bottle. 

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Member Resources, YL News and More

Young Living has provided an abundance of information in your virtual office.

Some things right at your fingertips:

1. If the site seems overwhelming then check out Young Living’s tutorials as soon as you log in to surf thru their website.

Product knowledge. Under Member Resources in the Dashboard there are lots of tips on product and business sharing.  In this section there are rules for distributors and ethics highly important to be aware of. How to co-share  with integrity and to be careful on how to discuss product without diagnosing or prescribing. 

News and Events

Essential Rewards perks and points if you’ve set up monthly orders

Out of Stock and pending timing

Order Status

Access for live chat with Young Living customer service staff

If you are sharing you can see commission and members of your team

Blogs from Young Living

Your saved account information – if you have stored your credit card make sure it’s up to date for future orders.
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How to Learn about Essential Oils is Easier Than You Think

The answers you need when looking for solutions to an everyday health concerns is attainable.  Remember, Young Living essential oils are pure and free of synthetics so their potency is powerful and doing your research is highly recommended.

There are lots of resources but today we want to tell you about a few key ones.

Oils, learning, safety tips and more overview
First of all, the Essential Oil Pocket Reference Guide.
This smaller version of the Desk  Reference is perfect to have in your home.
You can simply look up “Poison Ivy” and it will tell you what Young Living oils and products you can use.  For most people having this reference is a must.  The link to the company that sells it is below and the cost is around $25 plus s/h.

There is also a second supplier of a similarbook that is only $15.95 + s/h.  It doesn’t have as many details but is slightly cheaper. That is at:

Next, it is good to learn how to do a Google search for answers. There are many holistic practitioners who have fabulous blogs on Young Living oils.  Some will be very specific–for example entire blogs on the use of oils with your pets.  To do a search, go to the Google browser and type in  “Young Living + ________________”.  Fill in the blank with what you want to find.  For example, “Young Living + seasonal allergies.”

Another search engine is called that ties directly to Young Living testimonials, tips, blogs, etc.

Although this takes some time you will begin to learn more and more about oils.  I recommend to read thru several and be conscious of your medical conditions and history as these oils are potent in their purist form.

Finally, many of you getting started invested in the Everyday Oils kit, which is the ten most popular oils used for everyday stuff like stress, colds, pain, energy, etc.  Here is a link to a movie Young Living produced some years ago but in 8 minutes it gives a wonderful overview of each of those oils and has some words by Gary Young about essential oils.  It is well worth watching.

Watch this short video tutorial

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Future Orders, Essential Rewards & Compensation

When you first signed up you went to and there was a country selection and then the next screen had in the upper right hand corner a “member sign up” button as well as a “sign in.” The .com site has lots of information but for an easy way to get to your account details and member resources and education I recommend going straight to  From there you go right to your member log in page.  Once signed in you are in now in your virtual office.  If you forget your log in just call Young Living at 800-371-3515.

Online Ordering:

You have purchased a starter kit and not sure how to navigate back to the site for more information or orders.

Well, look no further. Below is a quick “how to.” ENJOY!

How to become a Young Living Wholesale Member is easy & worth it.

There are a few starter kits that will offer you the 24% off discount.

You will need a starter kit to become a wholesale member. Once you get the starter kit you only need to spend 50PV within the 12 months to retain your wholesale status and keep the 24% off. This will be easy based on all the wonderful and magical benefits of essential oils and Young Living’s partnering products. You might even choose the monthly ordering program called Essential Rewards for even more perks, promotions, credits for free product and more.

Essential Rewards
Essential Monthly Rewards is yet another benefit Young Living offers it’s wholesale members. There are a few ways to start and there are some great tutorials that outline the perks.  

Here’s a quick outline of the added benefits:

1. Get up to 20% back in points to spend on free product
2. Qualify for special products and promotions
3. Receive special discounts on select product kits.
4. Be eligible for Essential Rewards only commissions (more details join business sharing partnership) (link to partnership section on site)
5. Enjoy reduced shipping rates.
6. Change your month to month order date and remember you can start anytime and stop anytime but be sure to redeem all the free products points if you ever decide to stop ER. 

Why join Essential Rewards?


Check out the below tutorials on Why (part 1),

How to sign you online for Essential Rewards (part 2)

Business Building and Compensation Plans (part 3).

compensation plan

Not ready to join Essential Rewards but want to place another order:  Just go to the order section on the left hand dashboard menu and place your order.  

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Remember these sites  

When you have questions on orders, shipments, passwords, etc.. Young
Living Customer Service: 800-371-3515

You can also live chat on

Perfective’s team is accessible to you for community, sharing, business sharing, and continued education courses.