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Please do not distribute beyond those in attendance… This is sharing and not considered prescribing, diagnosing, etc.… Hydrate 1/2 ounce of pound per body weight…. amount needed of water…. Largest percentage of your body – water we are between 65 – 70% water. Minimum 60 ounces of water a day – equal to 2.5 NINGXIA RED glass bottles a day… Skin – want to look like a grape or a dehydrated raisin!! How can you be drinking but still dehydrated – your NOT absorbing it!!! FYI – we are absorbing so many plastics, air body, film on our body…. FYI

Wholesaler Welcome

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Welcome to our resources & community of Wholesalers!   Here are some quick TO DO’s!!! Make sure you’ve joined Perfective’s Newsletter on our homepage. Like us on Facebook – Perfectives If you are not receiving the newsletters from Life Alchemy Living let us know and we will link you and show you how to link others.  This is exclusive for us under the umbrella of Casey Conrad and Alan and Linda Simpson (our team leaders). AND if you are sharing and have signed up new wholesale members make sure they do the same! Check out the tabs and if you are looking

Future Orders, Essential Rewards & Compensation

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When you first signed up you went to and there was a country selection and then the next screen had in the upper right hand corner a “member sign up” button as well as a “sign in.” The .com site has lots of information but for an easy way to get to your account details and member resources and education I recommend going straight to  From there you go right to your member log in page.  Once signed in you are in now in your virtual office.  If you forget your log in just call Young Living at 800-371-3515. Online Ordering: You have

How to navigate Young Living’s member website

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You have purchased a starter kit and not sure how to navigate back to the site for more information or orders. Well, look no further. Below is a quick “how to.” ENJOY! Youtube Video Tutorial on Young Living website.  Click title to navigate to Youtube clip.