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Please do not distribute beyond those in attendance…

This is sharing and not considered prescribing, diagnosing, etc.…

  1. Hydrate
    1. 1/2 ounce of pound per body weight…. amount needed of water…. Largest percentage of your body – water we are between 65 – 70% water.

Why Does YL Need My Social Security Number for Wholesale Accounts?

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TWO Emails Regarding Young Living’s requesting SS# – scroll thru_

EMAIL 1 9/4/15)

from Lara to YL – Hi YL Resolutions Team, We’ve had several new business prospects say “no” to the Young Living wholesale kit based on the request for their Social Security number.…

Lara’s Top TEN Spiritual YL Reading

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This was a spiritual reading I had a little over a year ago and I think it holds true into sharing Young Living:
1. Write Things down.
2. Blog and share (using the YL right way words)
3. Create Flyers

All the Benefits

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Hopefully by now your Starter Kit and any other initial products you ordered has arrived.  The most common questions people have is, “How do I use these?” and “Can I do anything wrong?” Both good questions.

Here again is a great overview of the Everyday Oils and discusses the three different ways to use oils.…

Essential Oils and the Blood Brain Barrier Connection

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It’s all in the name – BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER.  Sounds pretty powerful and it should be.  It protects our brains from terrible toxins, pollutants, poisons, viruses, bacteria and more from getting into our brain.  This barrier will let blood thru but the blood cannot carry the large harmful molecules because the barrier acts as a filter.  

Young Living Lifestyle Other Product

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Essential Oils is the basis of Young Living and is the staple of Gary Young’s vision.

With this vision and over 20 years of service and product Young Living has created a lifestyle for it’s members.  We will  break down and share testimonials  of other product offerings but here is a list of complimentary healthy nuggets to add to your next order.

SEED TO SEAL – How Young Living honors it’s purity.

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Seed to Seal  is a whole site dedicated to outlining the purity of Young Living’s oils and product. 

Members of the Perfective’s team have had one on one time with Gary Young and Jared Turner and have up line members working directly with Gary as Director’s of Operation and Management for Harvests and trainings. 

Member Resources, YL News and More

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Young Living has provided an abundance of information in your virtual office.

Some things right at your fingertips:

1. If the site seems overwhelming then check out Young Living’s tutorials as soon as you log in to surf thru their website.

How to Learn about Essential Oils is Easier Than You Think

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The answers you need when looking for solutions to an everyday health concerns is attainable.  Remember, Young Living essential oils are pure and free of synthetics so their potency is powerful and doing your research is highly recommended.

There are lots of resources but today we want to tell you about a few key ones.

Future Orders, Essential Rewards & Compensation

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When you first signed up you went to and there was a country selection and then the next screen had in the upper right hand corner a “member sign up” button as well as a “sign in.” The .com site has lots of information but for an easy way to get to your account details and member resources and education I recommend going straight to

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