Top 5 Reasons I LOVE Young Living!

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yl-logo IDI’m so proud to be part of Young Living. It’s #1 Direct Marketing company in the world!!!!

I believe it’s due to Young Living’s:
1. INTEGRITY – Company is amazing with this! I met and had one on one time with Gary Young and Jared Turner. Our team works directly with Gary (TRUTH) and you can visit the farms and Mahe the old yourself.
3. FULL TRANSPARENCY of THEIR OWN FARMS. – No getting oils from others that you can’t trust. We own it start to finish and control the purity and chemistry of the distillation process all the way to sealing the bottles…
3. BENEFITS – of the pure oils that maintain, support, and promote wellness! I have years of testimonials to share.
4. FULL PRODUCT LINE – That’s right. We aren’t just amazing oils! We infuse our amazing oils into our personal care, oral care, nutrition, supplements, kids line, home care line, pet line, food line and more!
5. TOXIC AND CHEMICAL FREE – And all of the above is free of the crap so we can truly be incorporating a healthier lifestyle!

Did I mention it ships to your home, offers perks and gives you flexibility based on what you want?! I love coming home from work and having a delivery at my door saving my precious time for loved ones and ME! Doesn’t get much better….

What are your waiting for? Join me or a member of my team on [email protected] Already with us and want to learn more let me know. .you can choose retail, wholesale (and with wholesale you can choose IF you want to order whenever or monthly order perks known as essential rewards. You can also choose if you want to distribute abs share). I’m here for you on ANY of the above choices… 🙂

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