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Top 5 Reasons I LOVE Young Living!

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I’m so proud to be part of Young Living. It’s #1 Direct Marketing company in the world!!!! I believe it’s due to Young Living’s: 1. INTEGRITY – Company is amazing with this! I met and had one on one time with Gary Young and Jared Turner. Our team works directly with Gary (TRUTH) and you can visit the farms and Mahe the old yourself. 2. REAL PURE OILS – 3. FULL TRANSPARENCY of THEIR OWN FARMS. – No getting oils from others that you can’t trust. We own it start to finish and control the purity and chemistry of

Why Does YL Need My Social Security Number for Wholesale Accounts?

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TWO Emails Regarding Young Living’s requesting SS# – scroll thru_ EMAIL 1 9/4/15) from Lara to YL – Hi YL Resolutions Team, We’ve had several new business prospects say “no” to the Young Living wholesale kit based on the request for their Social Security number. We’ve always been told this was a standard process with all MLM and wholesale companies required by the government but in further research we discovered this is not the case. Amway, Ava Anderson, Costco, BJ’s Wholesale, Sam’s Club, Celadon Road, Beachbody etc. all do NOT require a social security number. Why is Young Living requiring this (or