Lara’s Top TEN Spiritual YL Reading

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This was a spiritual reading I had a little over a year ago and I think it holds true into sharing Young Living:
1. Write Things down.
2. Blog and share (using the YL right way words)
3. Create Flyers
4. Be Creative
5. Have Workshops —– Think BEYOND house parties, workshops, trade events and one on ones – MOBILE WORLD — Do “tela-classes” and “webinars” – there is FaceTime, Skype but also free services for group calling
6. Understand there is planning stage and you are sharing “planting seeds” and offering your support and health knowledge choices – don’t push & be patient.
7. Have your “elevator speech” – meaning be prepared on how to speak and answer questions – YL’s site under member resources, community tab and along with desk reference tools are right there for you!
8. Build your tools
9. Allow your emotions to “let go” – trust, loving, self care. RELEASE and ALLOW GOOD
10. IMPORTANT – FOLLOW UP with RESPECT… Be giving, kind, listen and empower. Understand not everyone will be interested or continue interest.  Try to have a built relationship for 3 months to get the new person acclimated but don’t overwhelm.  I have seen many disenchanted but talking financials, pushing, persuading etc.  Show your passion and show the product and offer your hand in the learning process with tools for independence.