Member Spotlight: Lara Hakeem

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Lara Hakeem has been a fitness trainer and a health/holistic professional since 2001 and has obtained an eclectic portfolio in marketing, retail design, advertising and theatre arts.

Young Living essential oils immediately catapulted Lara into a profound life change. Her first hand success from decades of digestive challenges was the first of many “aha” moments.

By sharing knowledge and experience, she has been a regular contributor to countless Young Living testimonials related to heart burn, acid reflux, sleep disorders, migraines, high blood pressure, skin conditions, depression, ADHD, arthritis and many more.

With over 16 years as a corporate executive, she also has recently contributed to the success of a Fortune 12 company managing multi million dollar initiatives while influencing key partners and contributors. Several such programs related to health programs touching an array of mediums from media, web, direct mail, visual merchandising and promotions, radio and commercials.

Driven by health and Young Living’s purest line of oils in the world, Lara has combined her marketing and wellness proficiency to enrich knowledge and awareness throughout the country building an international partnership as well.

Currently she offers a wide range of sharing and promoting and lends her knowledge and contributions in varying forms and media platforms.

“There is no better feeling  then knowing you have shared oils with someone who has had a profound, life changing experience. These oils have changed me, my family, brought back old friends and introduced me to the most amazing community of people.” Lara Hakeem, 8.2014

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