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Passionate Humanitarian & Natural Health Activist
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Go to the Member's Page to sign up to Young Living with Alka or set up your raindrop massage or biofeedback session.

Go to the Member’s Page to sign up to Young Living with Alka or set up your raindrop massage or biofeedback session.

Dear All,

A warm Hello, Salaam, Hola and Namaste to all my earthly fellow beings. I’m Alka Naithani, born and raised in India, educated in the USA and later started my family in Ecuador. I’m a mother of two sensitive, mindful kids. I’m a fusionary of Indo Latino cultures, fluent in Hindi, Urdu and Spanish languages. My life has been a delicious fanseca of amazing adventures spanning three continents. For 25 years my professional work has been in the financial, health, and international development sectors. I have worked as research consultant for World Bank in Washington DC and for UNIFEM in Quito, Ecuador on violence against women initiative.

My life is a great blessing. I grew up in a joyful family with Ayurveda traditions, amidst of a brilliant culture deeply-rooted in Hindu spirituality. I have walked the world with a sense of peace and understanding that we all come here with the birthright of a loving, good healthy life.

In 2012, the universe kindly let me stumble upon Young Living essential oils. Shortly before embarking on this path, my family and I encountered several recurring health challenges which left us quite perplexed. At this very critical moment I took responsibility to, “Own My Health”, as there was no clear medical advice for the multiple ailments my family was experiencing. We turned to natural health solutions with full faith as I knew intuitively it was the wisest decision. From that moment of deep commitment it has been an incredible Love Affair and a Life Affirming journey with the E Oils. I witnessed powerful physical, emotional and spiritual healing within my family thanks to the living essential oils. With joy and pride I share with you all, that as of December 2012, my family has been free of OTC and prescription drugs.

As a Young Living distributor, I have become a passionate educator who empowers local and international communities with the shared knowledge about the incredible potent benefits of natural health and Young Living essential oils.

I implore you to be brave and open minded to walk the path of wellness as a peaceful health crusader. Discover the power of your body’s ability to self-heal with the aid of therapeutic grade essential oils. There is nothing better in life than to be self-empowered for your own Health and Well-Being.
Be Well–with JOY and ABUNDANCE always.

Alka Naithani
401. 527.3069
[email protected]
Skype Id: a.naithani