Essential Oils and the Blood Brain Barrier Connection

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It’s all in the name – BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER.  Sounds pretty powerful and it should be.  It protects our brains from terrible toxins, pollutants, poisons, viruses, bacteria and more from getting into our brain.  This barrier will let blood thru but the blood cannot carry the large harmful molecules because the barrier acts as a filter.  Think of a sieve that stops the large molecules from passing thru and clean receptor sites and bring the cells back on a healthy track.  Essential oils are also fat soluble which complements our cell membranes which are very “fatty’ and only fat soluble molecules that can dissolve in fats/lipids can get in. Now essential oils are lipid soluble and are so light in molecular weight that can penetrate the blood brain barrier carrying several benefits among which is oxygen to the brain.  There are very few compounds that break thru this barrier and for good reason – it protects your brain!  But the purity of Young Living’s oils  are small enough to pass thru.

Aside from a life force for the body oxygen can lift moods, energize the body and flow of blood.  This is why choosing pure oils, as in Young Living’s essential oils, are extremely important when choosing aroma and essential oils.   You can see how thru this process essential oils can instantaneously have an affect on your mental and emotional state and support vitality and wellbeing.

Synthetic and drugs typically are too large in molecular structure and consider foreign to the body and therefore do not pass thru the blood brain barrier.  This is good news for us.  Who wants something foreign touching our brain?! Oils are the life blood of the plant so it is only “natural” to have this life blood support us.  

Think of how great you immediately felt when you opened your first bottle of lavender or peppermint and inhaled it!

Sometimes you can just cup your hands and smell, or put close to your nose. Use Breathe Again under your noise or RC to clear thru stuffiness or any menthol or eucalyptus oil is a great start.  Stress Away or Lavender and Peppermint work as a great combo on the forehead for tension and head pain (3 drops of wintergreen is as powerful as an aspirin – why it has a child proof cap!). The list goes on!

Diffusing is one of the wonderful aspects of using essential oils.  There are many different types of diffusers from inexpensive to more expensive.  What is important is that you begin to diffuse essential oils.

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If you bought the premium starter kit with the Everyday Oils then you got a home diffuser with your first order.  If you didn’t choose that option know that you can always go online and buy one of the many diffusers the company has to offer.  Feel free to ask our team what they prefer or share your favorite diffuser, oils and products thru our blogs and testimonials.