All the Benefits

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Hopefully by now your Starter Kit and any other initial products you ordered has arrived.  The most common questions people have is, “How do I use these?” and “Can I do anything wrong?” Both good questions.

Here again is a great overview of the Everyday Oils and discusses the three different ways to use oils.

The Perfective’s team has several personal testimonials of how essential oils have supported them spiritually, physically and mentally.  More topics delve into this in more detail.

Young Living catalog also outlines the 3 ways and gives you the details:

1. Inhalation, which heightens the senses and can have an immediate effect on your emotional state.

2. Topical application.
Some oils are used for a physical issue (like pain) while others are wonderful for balancing and energizing your emotions.  For your convenience the company sells several products in roll on bottles.  Please note that some oils might need to be diluted to avoid skin irritation when first using. 

3. Internal consumption.
Many Young Living oils can be taken internally because they are therapeutic grade.

It is always best to test an oil before using larger quantities, just to make sure you aren’t going to have any irritation.  

Finally, there is a great booklet in your Starter Kit on how to use your essential oils, along with an easy reference guide.  As you will learn, there is an oil for just about anything in your everyday life.