Help! My immune system is under attack!

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I’m a witness of corporate colds but I am not a victim.  Two years now I can honestly say I have been sick free while surrounded by bacteria and germs that have literally surrounded me.  Have they tried to creep in and did I start to feel the sudden start of “something.” YES.  But with a regiment ala Young Living I have 2 YEARS as of today WON the battle and never gotten sick.  Here’s what worked for me:


1. Young Living Thieves Oil Blend:

This oil is the first I grab.  I place a few drops on my feet before I get on a plane or feel a little sluggish or weak.  I wait about 30 seconds to air dry into my skin and BAM!  Immune boost!  I also diffuse this oil in my office and at home when sickies are around.  Always have my Thieves hand sanitizers, sprays and wipes to keep my areas germ free.

Unknown 2. Young Living Inner Defense Soft gels

These capsules are packed with all the oils in Thieve’s blend PLUS MORE.  Check it out.  I take one in the am and one in the pm for 4 days to give me a boost and continue if needed.  When I travel or have a more than usual hectic week ahead that will mess with sleep patterns or high on stress, I take one daily.  No harm in taking daily because all these pills do is continue to give your body energy and protection as well as aiding in pulling out petrochemicals and toxins from the body.  These oils can cleanse inside out.  Great addition to detoxing your body.  Quit smoking, been around toxic environments, recovering or battling illnesses; take these soft gels!  I have a bottle in my bag ready to immediately rectify a bacteria alert.

images3. Young Living Ningxia Red; as much as you can; daily. I have a busy lifestyle that I choose.  I go for the 2 ounce single packets so I can grab on the run and have mid day.

This drink is a powerful, antioxidant, revitalizing infusion of energy and wellness support.  Aside from key ingredients like blueberry, plum pomegranate etc there is also the wolf berries that may contribute to agility and energy.  Energy without sugar highs and lows or caffeine side affects…  In fact, many benefits include, eye health, assists in stabilizing sugar, digestion, weight management, enhanced immune promotion and MANY, MANY more.  I used consistently for 3 months and noticed an improvement to my highs and lows.  Turned around the 2pm afternoon drop in energy.  If you are on the immune boost kick, kick in some ningxia red into your daily routine.

I hope these tidbits give you some alternative options to blowing your nose and aching with fever and chills and gives you more opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest.

Warning: Avoid oils contact in eyes.

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