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image[7]Visualization has been an important tool to success for me. Maybe it comes from my acting background or my vivid imagination that doesn’t sit still. Regardless, I have learned that visualizing how I want to feel, look and behave is a great success tool…

Fake it till you make it. If we put out in the universe a positive attitude and confidence it will go a long way. I prefer a “AM Do” attitude vs a “CAN DO” do.  “Am” stops the procrastinating.  It brings us into the present. Let’s think of all the phrases we use to excuse the place we want to be in our life. Everytime those debilitating statements starts to spill out of our mouth challenge ourselves to change it. Rewrite the story. I’m on this journey. I in the present doing, learning and growing.  I control my behaviors, reactions and do have choices. I am a powerhouse. I am smart. I am lovable.I see it. I breath it.