Tracy Rogers

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The road that lead me to learning about Young Living Essential Oils was not an exciting one with any major “AH -HA” moment.  Honestly, I wasn’t invited to an “Intro to Oils” nor did I do any real research (I thank God every day that the road lead me to the right company).  Someone made a casual suggestion that I should try essential oils for a respiratory issue my husband was having.  At that time I didn’t take the time to find any oil’s or do any research to find out how essential oils could really even benefit him, I pretty much dismissed the entire conversation.  A few months later the conversation came up again, and this time I said “hey, where do I even get these oils”…..and THANKFULLY I was directed to Young Living!!!
I ordered my kit and when it arrived I was clueless, I truly had no idea of the GIFT that had just been deliver to my door.  My journey actually using these oils began slowly…actually in the beginning all I did was “make my house smell good”, or so I thought!!!  Little did I know that by diffusing these oils in my home I was actually creating some health benefits (supporting our immune system with Thieves, or stimulating our mind with peppermint and lemon).  The more I made my “house smell good” the more I wanted to learn more about these little bottles of oils and all the other things they could do for my household.  The research began, and my love for Young Living blossomed, I had been given a gift that would change the way we live our life and how we chose to treat our body and our heath!!!!  With NO EFFORT on my part (other than ordering a starter kit), my world to Essential Oils and all the amazing benefits was opened up to my family.  Someone made the choice to “SHARE” their knowledge with me, and now I have made the decision to “SHARE” my passion of YOUNG LIVING essential oils with you, wherever you are on your journey to health and wellness, I promise that “there is an oil for that”.  My name is Tracy Rogers and I confess, I am an OIL-A-HOLIC!!!​